Cap's Grille to become a BBQ brewpub

Cap's Grille today

Cap's Grille today

The Northeast Brew District has company. Midway is growing quickly and quiet south Minneapolis, along the Hiawatha Blue Line, is set to add another brewpub to an area that already includes Northbound Smokehouse, Town Hall Lanes, Harriet Brewing, and more. Established barbecue joint Cap’s Grille has announced plans to convert its restaurant into a brewpub.

The transition will take place sometime in 2017, pending a special state exemption to allow them to brew at the current location, which is scheduled for a March vote as part of the legislative 2016 omnibus liquor bill. Cap’s will maintain its from-scratch tradition while adding a complementary housemade beverage alongside their barbecue-focused menu.

The plan is to construct a new building at their 5000 Hiawatha Ave location, just off the 50th Street Blue Line Station and close to picturesque Minnehaha Falls. The new building will be twice as large in terms of capacity, and will add a sustainability focus either via solar panels or a community solar garden.

The beer, perhaps upwards of two years away, will be a mix of creative recipes, says owner Brett Mattson. “Anything goes,” he says. “We will have some beers paired up with our BBQ recipes, but we'll leave it at that.” Some of his personal favorite beers, if it’s any indication, include Bent Paddle, Surly Abrasive, Sierra Nevada Estate, and Bells Double Cream Ale.

After starting along the St. Croix in 1988, Cap’s moved to Minneapolis in 1992 and has operated along the busy Hiawatha Avenue ever since. The restaurant held a community meeting shortly before Christmas to listen to neighborhood concerns, and was met with excitement. “110 percent support,” Mattson says, adding, “They're happy it's not being developed into a multi-use structure that's six stories high,” as much of the recent growth along the Blue Line has been multi-story condo units.

Cap's Grille

50th Street and Hiawatha

50th Street and Hiawatha

5000 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis