Canadian "raw milk crusader" awaits ruling

While most European countries seem to be legally chugging raw milk just fine, some North American nations are quite a bit more wary of letting the unpasteurized product into the public's hands.

An Ontario raw milk farmer has been making headlines (well, in Canada at least) for distributing his unpasteurized milk. He currently awaits a ruling from his trial, which ended last week.

He is also mounting a legal challenge of his own against Canada's blanket ban on raw milk and is accepting donations for his "Raw Milk Legal Defence Fund" on his website.

U.S. law varies from state to state. Almost half have outright bans on raw milk. Minnesota requires pasteurization, but allows consumers to buy raw milk directly from farmers as long as it's not advertised.

It's no wink wink nod nod affair either. The feds can and do go after farmers.

A William Mitchell law student recently posted some useful, multi-sourced information about the raw milk debate on a food law blog, including information about legislation currently before Congress that would allow interstate traffic of raw milk.