Can Pho Hoa make a go of a cursed restaurant spot?


After all-too-brief stints as the Chinese restaurants Yummy and Relax, 2450 Nicollet is now a Vietnamese food chain, Pho Hoa. Maybe I miss the dim sum (not as good as Jun Bo's, but not as far to drive...), but is it just me or does Eat Streat already seem saturated in pho?

With nearly 100 restaurants across the country, Pho Hoa has more marketing muscle than its predecessors--check out the crazy florescent banners lined up along Nicollet. It offers more than a dozen types of pho, similar to those at the, well, almost a dozen other Vietnamese noodle shops on Eat Street. Despite the competition, will this one will last longer than its predecessors?

Pho Hoa, 2450 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-870-8000