Campiello space to become Cowboy Slim's saloon

Campiello space to become Cowboy Slim's saloon

With the spate of sushi and sake opening within blocks of Lynn-Lake's Fuji Ya--first, Moto-i, then Tiger Sushi--I started to wonder if Minneapolis might finially have its own Japantown. But now the Pioneer Press is reporting that the building that formerly housed D'Amico's tony Campiello restaurant --just a lasso's toss from the Arby's hat--is turning into a saloon. Does that mean the neighborhood is instead turning into cowboy country?

The Press says the owners of Mad Jack's Sports Cafe in Vadnais Heights and Brooklyn Park hope to open Cowboy Slim's in February. The After Midnight Group, which also owns the Cabooze and Sally's Saloon and Eatery in Minneapolis, and Mama G's Sports Bar in Maple Grove, plans to have the new joint serve steaks and chops alongside potpies, meatloaf and stew.

With Cowboy Slim's joining the Country Bar and the bluegrass contingent at Dulono's, I'll be curious to see if the neighborhood's country contingent starts to edge out the Japanese stronghold. Perhaps whatever goes in jP's old space will turn the tide one way or the other...

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