Camel burgers! Get one Friday at Safari Express

Camel, the other red meat.
Camel, the other red meat.
Photo: Crystal Grobe

Starting Friday, burgers and fries will take on a whole new meaning as Safari Express debuts the newest menu item: the camel burger. Jamal Hashi, chef and owner of Safari Express in Midtown Global Market grew up eating camel in East Africa. After receiving a welcoming response from Minnesotans who tried camel-on-a-stick at the state fair, Hashi knew the time was right to perfect his concept. "It's part of our culture; elders swear by both camel milk and meat for their long lives." Hashi shared. In addition, nomads sustained themselves on lean camel meat while traveling the desert and still do today.

Camel meat is extremely lean with virtually no fat, making it a healthy option for diners, but also making it tricky to cook properly. Jamal Hashi has put a lot of time and effort in perfecting his recipe, choosing the most expensive and most tender cuts of meat (just under the fatty hump) from an Australian farm. He hand grinds camel meat, mixes it with fresh basil, garlic, and additional spices before grilling the patty. Grabbing a pineapple from The Produce Exchange within the market, Hashi also grills slices of pineapple to serve with the burger on a delicate bun along with a creamy garlic-cilantro sauce. What results is a very flavorful and tender camel burger which is quite similar to a lean beef or bison patty. Surprisingly, it is not at all gamey.

Grilled, juicy and delicious - camel burgers!
Grilled, juicy and delicious - camel burgers!
Photo: Crystal Grobe

Photo: Crystal Grobe
Grilled, juicy and delicious - camel burgers!

















Safari Express just may be the first restaurant in the United States to serve camel burgers and there is plenty to go around; Hashi has almost 500 pounds of camel meat in his freezer ready to be used and if the burger sells well,

there is no doubt he will be placing additional orders for Australian camel meat in the near future.

Camel burgers will be served for lunch and dinner starting on Friday and will include an order of fries.

Safari Express

920 East Lake Street; Stall # 134
Minneapolis, MN 55407-4162


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