Cajun Twist coming to former Marla's space in south Minneapolis

Cajun Twist will be serving Bayou specialties in a dining area nearly twice the size of Marla's.

Cajun Twist will be serving Bayou specialties in a dining area nearly twice the size of Marla's. Cajun Twist Facebook

Wipe your eyes, Marla's Caribbean fans.

WAIT DON'T! First make sure you don't have any spicy residue on your fingers.

Anyway, we've got good news on two fronts.

Starting in late August, those nostalgic for Marla's dishes can still get them at Able Brewery in northeast Minneapolis, where she's started subbing for the Animales Barbecue Co. food truck on Wednesday nights. (The weekly engagement was set to run for "for a month" as a test, per MSP Magazine.)

Now, how about some good food news for the South Side? 

Coming next in the space on Bloomington Avenue: Cajun Twist, currently operating out of the Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park in Golden Valley. Owner-operator Teona Washington, herself a south Minneapolis native, tells the Business Journal she plans to open up shop in December, with service at the Theodore Wirth location ceasing in November.

According to its website, Cajun Twist started as a once-a-week delivery service Washington (delightfully) called "Humpdayz," which catered lunch to offices every Wednesday. Word spread, catering assignments stacked up, and in January she opened in the Trailhead, which is run by the Loppet Foundation nonprofit. 

In a statement, executive director John Munger praised Washington, and said the foundation was "pretty happy that we were able to help incubate Cajun Twist – exactly our mission to do things like this!” (Watch the Loppet Foundation website for a request for proposals to replace Cajun Twist.

Washington tells the Journal she fostered her taste for Bayou flavors during a six-year stint working in restaurants in New Orleans. She says she's always wanted Cajun Twist to offer table service -- props for the phrase "homegrown, Cajun-style Applebee's" -- and building owner Dan Coleman reports that she'll be serving a dining area almost twice the size of Marla's.

Just what'll make the menu isn't yet known, but a perusal of Cajun Twist's Facebook photos reveals a treasure trove of simmering crayfish, red beans and rice, gumbo, hush puppies, and other Louisiana go-tos that will have you eyeing the clock and wondering if you've got time to get to Golden Valley for lunch.