Cajun 2 Geaux food truck to open Bistro La Roux in Circle Pines

Cajun 2 Geaux to open new brick and mortar Bistro La Roux

Cajun 2 Geaux to open new brick and mortar Bistro La Roux

The food-truck-gone-brick-and-mortar trend continues this week as Cajun 2 Geaux launches a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their new north-metro location, Bistro La Roux. They're currently planning to offer the same Cajun-inspired fare that can be found on their truck, but with the addition of local craft beer, wine, and jazz.

The new location will plant its roots just north of Minneapolis in Circle Pines. The Kickstarter goal is set at $10,000, and the campaign runs until May 9th. At the time of this post, they had raised just under $500 with 24 backers.

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Chef Tim Glover is planning on doing most of the remodel work himself and has reached out to the Kickstarter community to help raise some of the additional capital needed to complete his vision. 

"We need to raise funds to help with construction costs and repair of some used equipment that we have purchased.  Things are coming up left and right -- like architect fees, running beer lines (wouldn't you like to say you contributed to the beer lines?!), acoustic issues, plumbing, electrical, and on and on.  We accepted the space 'as is' and are finding out lots of extras," says Glover.

The Kickstarter pledging starts at $10 which gets you an order of their beignets and goes all the way up to $2000 which will get you four tickets to one of several events and a five-course meal for up to 15 people. For more information, or to help support the new Bistro La Roux, visit their Kickstarter campaign page

Look for the new Bistro La Roux to open sometime in June.

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