Caffrey’s lives!

The lit up neon is a welcome sight for fans of Caffrey's.

The lit up neon is a welcome sight for fans of Caffrey's.

Last December, Caffrey’s, the sandwich shop that is an Uptown institution, closed abruptly. Now it has re-opened just as unexpectedly. A visit to the deli confirmed that the doors are open and the kitchen is churning out old favorites like the Loaded Philly and the Ranch Gobbler. Relieved regulars have been returning to the mother ship after noticing that the “open” sign was lit up again on Tuesday.

For over a decade, Caffrey’s has been the go-to spot for something to soak up the booze after the bars close, but it’s more than the 3 a.m. closing time and $1 delivery fee that have earned it the loyalty of everyone from hippies to hipsters. The menu of sandwiches is long and creative, and the food is served up by an eclectic and energetic crew.

Remodeling that was started while the restaurant was closed is ongoing. “I couldn’t wait for it all to be finished before reopening,” says owner Pete Caffrey. There is, however, “a new, sparkling bathroom,” he says, adding, “If you were ever in the old one, you’d be jumping for joy.”

Another welcome development is the deli’s website. For years, the first thing you’d find if you Googled Caffrey’s was a menu posted by a fan back when the deli didn’t have its own online presence. But that menu is nine years old and outdated. Now you can go straight to the source. You still can’t order online, but you can see the complete current menu before you call. As the website rolls out, Caffrey says there will be some new menu items added to the old favorites.

Regarding details on the reason for the recent closing, Caffrey would only say that he’ll be posting more information soon on the deli's website and Facebook page. For devotees of the sandwich shop, the details don’t really matter much anyhow — they’re just glad that order has been restored to the corner of Lake and Lyndale.

Caffrey’s Deli & Subs

3008 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis