Caffeine-Infused Shopping Returns to Calhoun Square this Holiday Season


Remember about 25 years ago when it was coffee, not beer, that was all the beverage rage?

No? Well even if you aren't long in the tooth enough to recall the days when a single plantation bean pulled espresso wasn't synonymous with a cup of coffee, you can believe us that there was such a day.

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And Uptowners, scenesters then as they are now, were on the cutting edge when it came to these en vogue "coffee houses." When urban mall underdog Calhoun Square was in search of some "Hey, remember us?!" marketing around Black Friday time, a coffee-themed celebration seemed like a good fit -- and it still is.

The Uptown Coffee Festival, this year marking the 25th annual "most caffeinated shopping and culinary event of the year," will take place within the rotunda of Calhoun Square on November 22. Last year's event attracted over 3,000 attendees, commemorative mugs in hand, shakily budging their way through the offerings of coffee-infused culinary samples and, of course, shopping, shopping, shopping.

This year's highlights include coffee-infused beer from Republic and coffee-rubbed steak bites from Famous Dave's. The $10 admission fee (proceeds go to House of Charity) gets you that stylish commemorative mug, a peek at roasting techniques, coffee and tea cupping, latte art lessons, drawings for prizes, and special shopping offers.

The 25th Annual Uptown Coffee Festival runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, November 22.

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