Cafe Maude looking to expand to Minneapolis

Cafe Maude's owner Kevin Sheehy is eying a new space that would bring Cafe Maude a little sister of sorts, according to Rick Nelson's blog at the Star Tribune. Sheehy expressed his thoughts on moving by saying, "When it comes to expanding, I've always thought, 'Do I go to Maple Grove or Eden Prairie, or do I go where my heart is, in the city?'"

Where is he considering expanding to?
Cafe Maude is looking to move into the space that Nick and Eddie now occupies.  Rumors have it that Nick and Eddie's is hoping to take over a vacant space on Hennepin, although they were hesitant to comment.

What is certain is that nothing has been finalized.  "We just need to get our hands on a lease," Sheehy was quoted as saying.

The original Cafe Maude is technically in Minneapolis but on the cusp of Edina. It has tasty food (one of our favorite mac and cheeses), musical entertainment, and one of the most underrated bar programs in the cities. This is the restaurant that gave us Pip Hanson (now at Marvel Bar).  Currently, Adam Harness is running the bar, making his brand of delicious drinks.

Harness would also run the bar program at the new location, and chef Matthew Kempf would run the menu, although it likely would be very different from the original menu.  With the tantalizing view of Loring Park, it is an undoubtedly attractive location.  Plans for an interior makeover include architect Jim Smart and textile artist Anne Hall Richards.
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Cafe Maude

5411 Penn Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55419


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