Byerly's first store re-opens after massive renovation


Betcha'll never guess where this photo came from? Nope, not Nye's or Donny Dirk's, but the archives of the first-ever Byerly's store at 5725 Duluth Street in Golden Valley, which is looking back on its history as it plans to reopen in March after undergoing extensive renovations and additions.

If you grew up on Byerly's, you don't think twice about the fact that a supermarket might be carpeted (!?) and that your groceries might be rolled right into your car so you didn't have to burden yourself with pushing the cart through the parking lot (?!?!). When the premier Byerly's opened in 1968, it was the largest supermarket in the state, and everything about it was kind of a big deal.

[The store] received national recognition for innovative features such as an in-store bakery and deli, service meat and seafood department, a 33-seat in-store restaurant, a full-time home economist on staff, in-store development and testing of recipes, parcel pick-up service, extra wide aisles, carpeted floors, and an in-store post office.

A grand-opening celebration will take place on March 4 at 10:30 a.m., culminating with the unveiling of a food-service area called Byerly's Creations, with indoor/outdoor seating for 90 as well as takeout options. Also, on March 13, two Byerly's shoppers with Organic Valley products in their carts will be chosen to have their cart full of groceries paid for by the Wisconsin-based dairy cooperative. If you'd rather reminisce about the store's early days, check out this photo of a few of the original cashiers: