Butcher & the Boar named top-rated restaurant in all of Minnesota

This is very lovable meat

This is very lovable meat Emily Weiss

As of July 2019, not only does Butcher & the Boar serve City Pages-certified fantastic steaks, it’s also the very best restaurant in the whole state of Minnesota. 

This dubious “fact” of taste was announced via a handy infographic distributed by the folks at, a for-profit company that makes money by ranking all manner of goods and services in an attempt to sell them to consumers. The unlikely meeting of minds between press and analysts converged from totally different angles—we genuinely adore the Harmon District restaurant and have been there in person, whereas concluded that it’s a veritable protein wonderland based on a slurry of math and… Yelp reviews.

According to their methodology, “poured through data on Yelp and found the top three restaurants (both by ratings and number of reviews) for each state’s most populous city. We then chose the highest-ranked restaurant of the three based on the reviews.” Their mission was to find the top-rated restaurant in every state. What they discovered is, as a rule, most people across the nation love meat.

This is a map of 50 restaurants everyone's supposed to be at least "fine" with. Did it work?

This is a map of 50 restaurants everyone's supposed to be at least "fine" with. Did it work?

From this crunching and (secondhand) munching, Butcher & the Boar emerged as Minnesota’s one, true (undeniably meaty) king. 

All of this does beg the question: Can you argue with data? Well, kinda. The weird nature of letting numbers choose your palate aside, in the case of Minnesota it feels like we’ll spend at least another century reminding everyone that the Twin Cities are called that for a reason. Drawing from population as a starting point creates an unnecessary division when food-loving inhabitants of “the Cities” graze freely between the two. Nothing from the booming dining scene in Minneapolis’ eastern, slightly less populous twin could be considered due to’s algorithm, which is both arbitrary and a shame.

In order to encourage our gastronomic and geographic bickering to the fullest, was kind enough to provide this handy-dandy map illustrating their Yelp-math in full color. Maybe print it out as fodder and bring it to dinner with you? At least then you won’t be arguing about politics over a meal, for once…

Butcher & the Boar
1121 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis