Butcher Salt, a new themed food truck, is coming to town

Sodium lovers rejoice! A new butcher salt-inspired food truck, aptly named Butcher Salt, is set to hit the streets of Minneapolis in early February. Butcher salt -- a blend of sea salt, fresh marjoram, rosemary, and thyme -- is typically used as a meat rub, but Butcher Salt owner Jean Hutar isn't stopping there. Her food truck will feature two styles of locally made hot dogs, butcher-salted caramel, slivered apple salad, and butcher-salted sliders, among other items.

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When we touched base with Hutar, she was getting ready to take the food truck into the shop for graphics. "In the middle of next week, I should have the LP tanks and all that stuff put on and hooked up," she said. "Then I'm just waiting on the Minneapolis license."

Hutar, a former Chipotle restaurateur, said she first fell in love with the salty herbal blend while hunting for new spices.

"I added it to a burger I made, and I was just blown away. It just takes it to a whole new level," she said. "Instead of using a pinch of salt, I started using a pinch of butcher salt, and it just made everything taste better."

Hutar will be making the butcher salt herself, with local herbs when they're available, and hopes to start selling sample bottles both online and from the food truck within a few months. Hutar said that though not every dish will include butcher salt itself, each will contain at least one element of the herbal powerhouse, such as rosemary or thyme.

The truck has yet to hit the streets, but Hutar is already thinking about how Butcher Salt will evolve.

"The menu will change a little bit. I have other things I want to add and, you know, we'll see where it goes. It's going to probably end up being a full-fledged little diner," she said.

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