Butcher and the Boar patio opens this Saturday

Just in time for julep season, Jack Riebel's critical darling of a restaurant, Butcher and the Boar will finally be setting out chairs in their backyard. The patio has been beckoning since the opening.  Other than a few smokers huddled around the fireplace, there haven't been many bodies out there. That is about to change. It's location in the middle of the city, but sheltered from the traffic and grime of the buses makes it a bastion of outdoor dining delight.  We recently spoke with Riebel about his plans and here's a glimpse of what we expect to see.

The patio will be split into additional dining room seating (which they could defintely use, just try and get a Friday night reservation for anything other than 10:30pm) and a space with a more casual vibe. Guests will be able to get their famous foot long hot dog and other meaty delights, but instead of fancy flatware, they'll be served in paper boats. The natural flow of the space is an upper area, with the fire place and a couple of high top tables made from local trees. Below is a spacious lower level. This is where they'll have a grill, serving an edited version of the menu.  It's going to be a great option for diners looking to save a couple of bucks.

There's also an outside bar, so the time between ordering a beer and a bourbon won't suffer from the distance from the main bar. From the killer food to the perfectly mixed cocktails, this joint is set up to give other downtown patios a serious run for their money when it comes to crowning best outdoor dining in Minneapolis.

For the Saturday opening, they'll be celebrating the Kentucky Derby with mint juleps and other "summery cocktails" along with their extensive beer list from noon to 2am.

The only thing we're left wondering is what kind of hat we can expect to see on Chef Jack?
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Butcher & the Boar

1121 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403



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