Burrito hack: Someone has devised a way to get fatter at Chipotle


I used to think it was Chipotle's relatively healthy ingredient list that made them so popular. Like rice and beans and lean meats > burgers and fries when it comes to your waistline, right? 

Wrong. I guess it's the promise of "burritos the size of your head" that's garnered the cult following that the company so fiendishly enjoys.

So if eating an eight-pound (approximate weight of the human head) burrito isn't enough for you, then apartment (don't ask why) has devised this list, just for you: 

"6 Tricks to Double Your Chipotle Burrito Size (for free)!" 

No word yet on whether any of this assholery (requesting two tortillas, ordering both kinds of meat, both kinds of beans, and both kinds of rice) will get you hated on by your Chipotle waitron, but we can pretty much guarantee that it will. 

Anyway, they guarantee that these tips will garner you a burrito roughly double the size of the original. 

How to inexpensively let out the waistline on all of your pants not included in the list.