Burgers, Dogs, and Dude Food: A Look at the New St. Paul Saints Stadium Concessions

How big can a burger be? The Grand Slam: Eight patties.

How big can a burger be? The Grand Slam: Eight patties.

The St. Paul Saints didn't miss the memo. Guys like baseball and guys like meats. The new home of the St. Paul Saints, CHS Field, rolled out a preview of their concessions menu, and the word on the street is meat, meat, and some more meat.

A sneak peek:

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Unlike the Twins at Target Field, the Saints are taking on most of their own concessions, with only a few outside vendors pitching in (ha ha!) this year. There are enough combinations of dogs, burgers, and sausages to link them end to end and encircle all of St. Paul. Also: turkey pesto panini, Cuban panini, Memphis-style pulled pork, smoked beef short ribs, et al.

Longstanding local butcher Von Hanson's is providing three sausages, including our favorite, "The Kim Lardashian" with chili, beans, and cheese, as well as a nicely spicy jalapeño cheddar and a bacon wild rice and cheese known as the Garrison Squealer. Good thing the literary giant has an equally large sense of humor.

Many of the offerings lean toward State Fair sensibilities, like deep-fried cream cheese pickle pups, curds, deep fried mac n' cheese, and an eight-patty burger known as the Grand Slam, jaw hinges and statins not included.

Von Hanson's Specialty Gourmet Sausages

Von Hanson's Specialty Gourmet Sausages

For sweet teeth, local coffeehouse Ginkgo will be baking up a variety of cupcakes, coffee, and smoothies as well as boxes of chocolate chip cookies, and beloved classic St. Paul malt shop Snuffy's will whip up chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla malts, along with possibly some beery shakes.

Heartland's (Heartland is a wiener's toss from the threshold of the stadium) fresh and handmade Polish sausage and brats stole the day when it came to taste tests -- and in a bold move, they'll come naked on a bun (provided by St. Paul's St. Agnes Bakery) for condimenting as your own palate wishes.

Perhaps do so with Urban Oasis locally made and sourced condiments, where the produce is purchased from underserved farmers and the honey comes from east St. Paul beehives. Honey mustard, sweet pepper relish, and seasonal ketchup are three of their products.

While the list of dishes is extensive, with over 50 items in all, including over 10 varieties each of burgers and dogs, we're anxious to see if, in coming seasons, CHS Field will follow Target Field's lead in bringing in some of our stellar local restaurateurs to give ballpark goers a true taste of our cities, not to mention more options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten avoiders, and simply those with adventuresome appetites. Surely the ball club famous for roving nun massages has some progressive surprises up its jersey sleeves.

It should be noted that the kitchen is smoking all of its own meat onsite, including chicken, pork, and brisket, and the slaw is made from scratch.

Beer geeks will be well serviced here, with selections from Insight, Flat Earth, Sociable Cider Werks, Lift Bridge, Tin Whiskers, and more.

The season opener is in seven short days, and the stadium itself is stunning, with clubhouse views of the whole field and close proximity to the bar.

Play ball!

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