Burger King to begin serving Seattle's Best Coffee


First McDonald's started selling lattes and mochas, and now Burger King's trying to one-up the Golden Arches in a fast food back-and-forth to woo morning customers. The burger chain's planning to start serving Seattle's Best Coffee at a number of its outlets beginning this fall.

Dunkin Donuts may have been the first to take a swing in the coffee wars with the upscalification of its coffee drinks, posing as an average Joe's alternative to the supposedly snobby average Starbucks customer. McDonald's McCafe ads followed suit with ads depicting customers relieved to learn they no longer have to wear turtlenecks and read high-brow literature in order to get a decent cup of joe.

Starbucks, meanwhile, has tried to remain relevant by selling breakfast sandwiches. Seattle's Best is owned by Starbucks. Subway started selling Seattle's Best last fall. Ads after the jump.

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