Burger Grease Art just an Arby's ad?


We sort of got all excited and mini-inspired when we saw what we thought was a real live genuine artist ordering a bag full of burgers and taking it back to his "studio" to make art. And ok, yes, things did get a little fishy when we saw that said "artist" elected to take what seems like such an unusual concept -- burger grease art! -- to merely create a Mona Lisa rendition. But so what, it's ART we thought, and we suspended our disbelief in the name of ART. Then we noticed the "artist's" web address and thought "Hey, we'd like to know more about this artist. Maybe his other stuff is more edgy, cause it seems like he's kind of on to something. Maybe he knows Banksy," we thought. And maybe we're just super gullible, but seeing what "burger grease art" is really all about was really sort of crushing. And also a little embarrassing.