Bulletproof Coffee: The buttered coffee trend that might just sweep the Twin Cities next


It's Monday morning: You wake up, brush your teeth, and brew some java made specially with grass-fed butter -- wait, what?

If you haven't heard, a trend is plaguing sweeping the hotshot companies of Silicon Valley, and it involves putting butter in your espresso. The newest addition to the West Coast's power beverages is called Bulletproof Coffee, and our arteries don't quite know what to expect.

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Dave Asprey, CEO of the Bulletproof Executive (the company behind Bulletproof Coffee), first discovered the inspiration for his recipe after going to Tibet and drinking yak butter tea. Since spending thousands of dollars (over $300,000 in fact), Asprey claims to have raised his IQ by 20 points and revolutionized the worlds of athletes, CEOs, and celebrities. So when will this trend expand past California?

The Twin Cities generally stays up to date with the latest and greatest (let's not forget gluten-free beer, Hot Dishers), so we predict it won't be long until Bulletproof hits indie cafes like Dogwood and Spyhouse, giving Twin Cities dwellers a taste of Silicon Valley. Until then, Asprey's website gives you a recipe to make it in your very own home.

A kit is available for purchase in Asprey's Bulletproof store, but we're not sure our sensible Midwestern ways would support that kind of frivolity. Will you try this out yourself? Let us know if you plan to jump on the buttery bandwagon or keep on drinking regular old joe like the rest of us.

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