Bull Run Coffee Cafe opening delayed


Bull Run Coffee Roasting Company is finally giving Minneapolis actual coffee. But for those who crave a naked portafilter pulled ristretto shot, you're going to have to wait until early November to savor its goodness. Bull Run's soon to open cafe is pushing back their opening date.

From the press release, describing the wonders of single-cup coffee:
Bull Run at Rustica is set to open early November, 2009, at 3220 West Lake Street near Lake Calhoun.  "Single-cup coffee" means that not a drop of coffee is brewed before the guest places his or her order. Bull Run baristas are extensively trained in espresso, coffee, milk preparation, and roasting techniques, and will create the most high-end cup of coffee or espresso in one of four ways: siphoning, French press, manual brew bar, and the CloverR brewing system which allows baristas to weigh and grind beans to craft the perfectly roasted brew. Bull Run will be the first coffee bar in Minneapolis to feature the Synesso HydraT which allows baristas to manually adjust pressure levels, brew temperature, and moisture concentration to satisfy each coffee lover's taste buds and to respond to subtle variations in the bean or even in the weather.

This ain't the spot for those looking to chug 36oz. of coffee for the caffeine. It's a place for coffee fiends to enjoy the flavor of coffee. Think of it as the Surly micro-brew of coffee. You will be able to taste the difference, and not have to commute to Kopplin's every week anymore... we hope.

More info here.