Buffalo Wild Wings stock jumps to all-time high


Buffalo Wild Wings has started the summer off with some spicy-hot profits: shares of the company are at an all-time high.

The stock hit a share price of $68.38 two days ago, more than 50 percent up from stock prices last year, says Matt DeFrisco of Lazard Capital. Yesterday, stock rose even higher, with the price opening at $68.28.

It definitely doesn't hurt that wholesale chicken wing prices are super low right now--they've fallen about 30 percent, DeFrisco said. But the ultimate test of the wings will come in the next few weeks, with the results of the potential NFL lockout.


The restaurant chain is so invested in football season--who would eat wings without football, after all?--that it is offering six free wings for "liking" its Facebook petition to end the lockout. The offer is only good if the lockout ends by July 20, but fortunately, most sportswriters these days are predicting that will happen.

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