Buffalo Wild Wings: Free wings thanks to NFL lockout end

Free wings! Free wings!

Free wings! Free wings!

Now that football season is officially back on, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving away free wings to celebrate.

Back in March, the Minnesota company promised six free wings to anyone who signed its Facebook petition to end the NFL lockout. The promise came with a caveat: the free wings would only be delivered if the lockout ended by July 20.

But in the best way possible, Buffalo Wild Wings is going back on its word. Although the NFL reached a deal five days late, the wing-maker is still honoring its free-wings offer.


That means that 45,000 people can dive into 270,000 free wings.

With retail prices at about $5.60 for an order of six traditional wings, BW3 is giving away about $253,000 worth of dinner. It's a drop in the bucket for a company that brought in $1.5 billion in sales in 2009. But it's still free food.

And if you didn't like the petition? Well, don't be too sad--you're just out a little over five bucks.