Buffalo Wild Wings appears to be recession-proof

Minneapolis-based Buffalo Wild Wings revenue increased by one third -- to $121.2 million -- during the fourth quarter of 2008 the company reported last week.

The news sent share prices soaring, with a reported increase of 34 percent after the results were released and also won the local-chain-done-good some space in the Wall Street Journal.

The article cautions enthusiasts against going Gold Rush over the company though and quotes one analyst calling Buffalo Wild Wings a "momentum darling."

The article speculates that the company's marketing strategy -- sassy, crass and hyper dudecentric -- may be giving it a leg up over the competition, which is currently going after a broader, discount-minded demographic.

Anyone seen the billboards around town? One on 94W headed out of downtown advertises the company's wings as "hot and fast, kind of like how you wish your marriage was," or something like that.

Another one, on 280 heading south says something like "hurry in, you can use a speeding ticket as a napkin."