Bubble Me kicks out quick Vietnamese-style sandwiches

Bubble Me's Asian Sausage Sandwich

Bubble Me's Asian Sausage Sandwich

Bubble Me has all the familiar signs of a Vietnamese-style sandwich shop. Huge piles of cilantro and tubs of daikon are as numerous as ketchup bottles at a burger joint, and bubble tea is all the rage. Only one or two quiet but friendly folks run the counter, while the bright yet sparse decorations make it official. Yes, Bubble Me has all the appearance of a great sandwich shop, but can they follow through in the final product?

I had my heart set on a bánh mì before I even walked into the place, but I'm a sucker for counter intelligence, and the guy making all the food didn't hesitate to call out the Asian sausage sandwich ($7.49) as his favorite on the menu. Before I knew it I had a super hot and fresh sandwich in my hands. If I had to compare this sandwich to anything, it would have to be a bratwurst dragged "through the garden"--a Vietnamese garden. They fill a huge baguette with an even larger Asian sausage that was really not that different from a typical brat, but with even more fat than a Johnsonville (if you can imagine that). Still, the wiener had a good snap and was a savory contrast to the explosive cilantro, cooling cucumber, and the kick of the green onion. The man behind the counter asked if I wanted my sandwich "spicy," and I jumped all over it, but the spicy kick he promised ended up being a disappointingly gentle mayo (I was hoping for jalapeño slices) that didn't add much to the equation.

Sandwich Rating: Good, not great. It had all the fresh veg that makes for a great Vietnamese sandwich, but the gratuitous fat in the sausage negated the pleasant textures and brightness from the other ingredients. I'll go back (especially since they are open after bar close) but will stick to the bánh mì.

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