Bryant-Lake Bowl to tap firkin of Surly Tea-Bagged Furious Thursday


Bryant-Lake Bowl has leaked plans via Twitter to tap a nine-imperial-gallon cask--also known as a firkin--of Surly Tea-Bagged Furious Thursday at 6 p.m. That comes out to a meager 72 pints, so come early and be prepared to throw a couple elbows.

Despite first impressions of the name, the specialty beer is not crafted with a cask of regular Furious and a brewmaster's genitals (dare you click on this link?). According to Surly, the term "tea-bagged," a.k.a. "dry-hopped," means: "Cask beer that has fresh hop leaves or pellets added on racking."

A whopping two users gave Tea-Bagged high ratings on brew review website The Beer Spot, one of which refers to it as "Furious on crack." The beer also raked in the People's Choice awards at the Happy Gnome's Firkin Fest two years ago, according to Surly's blog.

Anyone out there tried this stuff already? We'd love to get some reviews in the comments section.