Bryant Lake Bowl to host seed swap this weekend

Bryant Lake Bowl to host seed swap this weekend

We know it's hard to believe (especially on days like today when we seem doomed to spend eternity inside of a snow globe), but spring is just a few snow emergencies away. That means the sun will soon shine, birds will serve as unwelcome alarm clocks, and gardeners everywhere will be on their hands and knees, digging up the earth. If you're tired of thinking about the three feet of snow you have to trudge through every morning, consider planning for spring gardening early at this weekend's seed swap sponsored by Seed Savers Exchange and Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climate.

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On February 22, Uptown's Bryant Lake Bowl will be hosting a free Seed Swap in their theater beginning at 10 a.m. A seed swap is a way for gardeners to exchange information and excess seeds from successful crops, ensuring the quality and health of future crops. Participants are welcomed and encouraged to bring seeds to exchange at the event, but it's not required.

The morning will start with a check-in and orientation with PRI Cold Climate's Seed Saving Instructor Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen, followed by two hours of seed saving demonstrations by Seed Savers Exchange staff members. The event will culminate in a discussion of how to start saving seeds in the community and host future seed swaps. And if talking about heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers makes your tummy rumble, not to worry -- there will be snacks.

Seed Savers Exchange is one of the largest non-governmental seed banks in the United States, boasting a collection of thousands of open pollinated seeds. Their mission is to promote America's diverse food crop heritage for future generations by sharing heirloom seeds and plants, collected and grown by American farmers.

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