Bros Icing Bros drinking game--a boon for local Smirnoff sales?


In case you haven't heard, Bros Icing Bros is the latest inexplicable fad to make its way across the country.
It's essentially a drinking game themed on Smirnoff Ice malt beverages: Hand one to a guy (apparently it's illegal to ice women, the drink's target audience) and the rules state he must drop to one knee and down the whole thing. The only way to protect yourself is if to carry your own bottle of Smirnoff Ice, in which case the "attacker" gets "iced" and must drink both Smirnoffs.

It's as baffling as the Rickrolling meme, but when the New York Times business section devoted coverage to the phenom recently, it was something we could ignore no longer.

So how is the fad playing out locally? We checked in with a few liquor stores:

At Zipps in the Seward neighborhood and Dinkytown Wine & Spirits, employees say the game hasn't had any noticeable effect on sales, though at Dinkytown one worker did overhear a few customers talking about icing for the first time last week. But it was a different story at the Big Top in St. Paul, which, it turns out, was sold out of Smirnoff Ice yesterday. Employee Shaun McMahon confirms that people are buying a ton of Smirnoff lately. "Some buy 24-ounce bottles, or buy it by the case," he says. "They never used to do that."

McMahon seemed awfully knowledgeable about icing. "I got iced three times yesterday, at my house," he admitted. He was introduced to the game after being iced by strangers at Drink in Uptown. "Some guys came up and gave us the Smirnoff and said we were iced and we had to get down on one knee and take it," he says. McMahon seemed to enjoy the experience. "Hey, they bought me a drink," he says. "I'll get down on a knee and drink any drink."

McMahon mentioned that was recently shut down, but that content has migrated over to, where cash prizes are being offered for those able to get videos of celebrities being iced, including Ashton Kutcher and President Obama. As for tips on how to ice others, McMahon suggested hiding Smirnoff around the house, like in the microwave. But he also stressed protecting yourself. "I have one in my cargo pocket at all times--I have one in there now." His employer's alcohol policy prohibits icing at work, though. "If I could get away with being iced here, I'd do it happily," he says.

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