Brit's Pub Scotch Eggs: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 45

Is it patio season yet?

Is it patio season yet?

The humble Scotch egg combines two bang-up breakfast foods and turns them into an edible, portable, rollable snack--that somehow manages to make sausage and eggs pair perfectly with pints of beer.

We try 'em nearly every chance we get, and though we appreciate the, ahem, creative thought put into the plating of the Wisconi Balls at Prairie Ale House, we still like the ones at Brit's Pub best.


Crack the treats open to see their geologic history: they began as hard-cooked eggs, which were then coated in a layer of thick, spicy sausage, then covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. The only thing that could possible make their caloric decadence even more over the top is a dunk in that little bowl of mayonnaise. You should never pass that up.

And the ambiance of Brit's roofdeck--complete with chic people watching and lawn bowling!--makes the Scotch egg experience that much finer. When, o when, will the snow melt and the patio furniture arrive?

Brit's Pub 1110 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis 612.332.3908

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