Brit's 20th Anniversary featuring the release of Crispin's Br'er Rabbit

Party like it's 1990.

Party like it's 1990.

This week, Brit's Pub celebrates its 20th anniversary. Each night (excluding Wednesday) they are hosting lively events plus food and drink specials. The events kicked off on Saturday with St. Crispin Day. Brit's hosted the premiere of Cripin's new limited-release cider Br'er Rabbit, made from rhubarb and elderberry and aged in merlot barrels.

We had a chance to sample Br'er Rabbit, and it is rather genius. With a lovely apple scent, you first taste sweet elderberry amplified by the merlot, and the rhubarb brings a nice dry finish. The result is like a delicious fall sangria--very full, flavorful, and vibrant. Andy Marson, Brit's manager, let us know that they only received a few 1/4-size kegs of Br'er Rabbit, so he recommends coming down in the next day or so if you would like a taste (trust us, you do).

Here's what else Brit's is planning for its nightly 20th anniversary events:


Monday: Decided by a vote on Facebook, Brit's fans declared Monty Python's Holy Grail their favorite (or "favourite" you might say) British movie of all time. The film will be shown in the Clubhouse at 7 p.m. The screening is free, and there will also be drink specials.

Tuesday: Brush up on all things 1990s as Brit's anniversary trivia quiz will be all about the esteemed decade it opened its doors. Email Brit's to ensure a spot: [email protected] 7:30 p.m.

Thursday: The Rock Band Grand Championship competition takes place. Form a team with your friends and pretend to rock out to the Rock Band video game. There will be a celebrity panel and awesome prizes.7 p.m.

Friday: Turn back your clocks to the 1990s as Brit's features 1990 prices all day: one-piece fish and chips for $5.95, and all pints $3.25. Win free beer for one year. Saturday: The 20 Years of Brit's Halloween Party, featuring Solid Gold doing Oasis, D.J. Jake Rudh, and E.L.nO. Free. Dress as your favorite Brit. Starts at 7:30 p.m.
Brit's 20th Anniversary Celebration
Monday, October 25-Friday, October29 1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis; 612.332.3908