British man changes name to potato chip brand


Dude could have at least chosen something like Burger King and gone as Mr. King. Even Pringles or Fritos would have been more suitable monikers, but one British man has seen fit to change his name to his favorite type of "crisps." The man's new name? Ahem ... Mr. Monster Munch.

According to Fox, 26-year-old Chris Hunt eats the Walkers-brand Monster Munch morning, noon, and night, and has even come up with recipes incorporating them. The news channel quotes the man:

''I just can't get enough of them," Munch explained. "I just don't want to give up Monster Munch. I loved them when I was a lad and when they brought out the new retro packs I must admit my heart skipped a beat."

Munch said his friends didn't know what to think when he told them of his plan to change his name.

"They looked at me like I was nuts and dared me to change my name," Munch said. "I don't think they thought I would go through with it -- but now I demand to be called either 'Monster' or 'Mr. Munch.'"

You gotta appreciate that kind of passion at least a little bit, no?