Britain introduces shatterproof pint glasses

Well, there goes your next bar fight. Your next British bar fight, that is. With an estimated 87,000 violent, alcohol-fueled brawls -- also known as "glassings" (ouch!) -- per year, the British government's saw fit to intervene.

In an interview with NPR, a representative of the British Design Council, which came up with the prototypes for the new shatterproof pint glasses introduced last week, tells host Robert Siegel there are actually two kinds of glasses:

Mr. DAVID KESTER (Chief Executive, Design Council, U.K.): That's absolutely right. One is rather similar to the normal pint glass that you might get, but it's actually got a layer of bio-resin. Doesn't actually change the quality of drinking, but what it does do is if the beer glass is broken, you know, in a fight or whatever, no shards of glass


Mr. KESTER: are thrown around. That's one idea. The second is a little bit different. There are two layers of thin glass which are then held together by a different source of resin. It's got, actually interestingly, some better properties that nobody had initially thought would be the case which is, for instance, it's got new thermal qualities. So, you know, on a hot day, it keeps you cold beer cold, which is great or your warm beer warm.

There remains one container British government may have overlooked: glass bottles. In a recent Guardian poll nearly 80 percent of respondents said drunken brawlers will simply turn to bottles. Go figure.

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