[BREAKING] The Blue Nile is closed

The Seward neighborhood stalwart Blue Nile is no more.

The Seward neighborhood stalwart Blue Nile is no more.

After longstanding reports of subpar product and service, and even claims of credit card fraud, the longstanding and once beloved Ethiopian institution has closed its doors. From their Facebook Page:

"Dear customers, friends and family,

It grieves us to say that today is our last day of business. Due to unforseen circumstances we can no longer keep the doors of The Blue Nile open.THIS DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS THE END. Please check back on our Facebook and our website as we hope to be able to re-open at some point in the future and we want to see you all again. We want to thank everyone that has made this the place we all know and love. Thank you for the years of loyalty and being there through thick and thin. Here's to over 30 amazing years! Thank you."

The closing is a blow for lovers of Ethiopian cuisine and live world music, as well as the iconic dining scene, which has lost several other warhorses in the past few weeks including Origami, La Belle Vie, and Vincent.