[BREAKING] Oh hell yes: Shake Shack is opening at the Mall of America

Crinkle cuts and cheeseburgers for all!

Crinkle cuts and cheeseburgers for all!

Shake Shack, otherwise known as the Holy Grail of fast food burgers, is finally headed to the Twin Cities! 

Loosely modeled after the things we know and used to love about McDonald's or Burger King, Shake Shack is the elevation of the American fast food burger, that somehow manages to be both elegant and wholesome, yet egalitarian and jovial.

They use only highest-quality antibiotic- and hormone-free Angus beef that's always freshly ground and never frozen. The result is what you want a fast food burger to be, but almost never is anymore. Hot, medium-rare, squishy bun, beefy, cheesy, soul satisfying as anything in America gets. And now it's gonna be ours! All ours! 

Shake Shack will have its first delicious, beefy home at the Mall of America in 2016. 

The 2,800-square-foot space will open early next summer. 

We're getting in line now.