BREAKING: Obama just ate a Jucy Lucy; press secretary reports it was "delicious"

Mark your calendars, Minnesota: June 26, 2014, is officially the day our commander-in-chief bit into the food of the gods we call the Jucy Lucy.

Spotted at Matt's Bar enjoying the Twin Cities' classic cheese-stuffed burger, President Barack Obama may have just escalated the cold war between Matt's and the 5-8 Club.

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Where should Obama go while he's in Minneapolis?

The POTUS is in Minneapolis through Friday, where he'll give a speech about the economy at Lake Harriet Bandshell. Today he attended a Minnehaha Park town hall meeting and met a Minnesota mother, Rebekah Erler, who had written a letter to him explaining the woes of the nation's middle class earlier this year.

Since Obama's Jucy Lucy became official, we've been plagued with burning questions. Will the president ever go back to boring cheese-on-top burgers again? Will the Jucy Lucy make its way onto our flag? Will the 5-8 Club be given its day of presidential rebuttal? Will Obama survive this town hall meeting with a food coma of such proportions?

The people deserve to know.

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