BREAKING: Get all-you-can-eat Cardigan Donuts on Saturdays this summer

Cardigan just celebrated its first birthday, but donut brunch is reason to party allll summer long.

Cardigan just celebrated its first birthday, but donut brunch is reason to party allll summer long. Facebook: Cardigan Donuts

Wish you could get Cardigan Donuts' ethereal French crullers, churro rolls, and limited edition pastry creations outside of office hours?

This summer, the popular donut lounge in the Minneapolis skyway will be open for Saturday brunch from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., featuring all-you-can-eat donuts and bottomless drip coffee. It kicks off this Saturday, June 2.

“We’ve gotten so many customers asking us to be open on the weekends,” general manager Justin Bedford tells City Pages. “We wanted to create a distinct experience for Saturday.”

Bedford explains that the brunch option is geared towards people who don’t work in downtown Minneapolis and might have a difficult time getting to Cardigan during the week. The $10.95 brunch is a sort of donut tasting menu: Customers get unlimited donuts (Bedford recommends starting with two or three) plus a bottomless cup of drip coffee or $2 off an espresso drink.

All of Cardigan Donut’s classic and premium options will be available, including Greek yogurt-enriched old fashioneds, French crullers, bourbon apple fritters, and churro rolls served with little cups of chocolate sauce. There will also be three rotating donuts from the lineup of 50 “inspired” flavors (a donut schedule is available online—upcoming flavors range from mint cocoa to banana split).

“Our inspired donuts have niche flavor profiles,” says Bedford. “Customers are often hesitant to try them and instead stick with what they know they like. This [brunch] concept gives them permission to taste across the spectrum and take a risk.”

Donut brunch will only be available on Saturdays and is scheduled to run through August, although they plan to reassess in July—if enough donut lovers make the weekend trip downtown, Saturday brunch could become a year-round affair. Brunch-specific summer drinks are also in development—keep an eye out for nitro and kombucha-based mocktails.

Bedford sees Cardigan’s brunch as a reason for people to make the skyway a Saturday destination.

“We’re excited to build a new customer base,” he says. “This is a local food tourism experience.”

Cardigan Donuts
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