Breakfast for dessert trend includes, you guessed it, bacon

French toast with bacon ice cream

French toast with bacon ice cream

Bacon and egg ice cream, churros with pork rinds, and banana "toaster strudels" with caramel milk are just some of the breakfast-for-dessert items that are popping up on fine dining menus across the country according to a James Beard Foundation article.

"[S]cores of chefs and pastry chefs are developing their own breakfast-influenced desserts, many of which are rooted in the familiar flavor synergy of bacon and maple," the article notes.

The article says the trend goes back as far as 2000, when award-winning French Laundry Pastry Chef Stephen Durfee prepared a trio of hollowed-out, meringue-filled eggs (one flavored with egg, one with maple, and one with bacon) as "the final act" of a Beard Foundation dinner.

It's basically a nostalgia thing, the article says, "tokens of familiarity."

Any breakfast-y dessert items spotted in and around the Twin Cities, Hot Dishers?