Bread & Chocolate's Fabulous Fudge Bar, 100 Favorite Dishes No. 92

Gooey, nutty, chocolaty goodness in bar form.

Gooey, nutty, chocolaty goodness in bar form.

​As you walk into Bread & Chocolate, a wave of warm, sweet air welcomes you.  This Grand Avenue bakery is a cozy spot where students and locals meet, mingle, read the newspaper, and sip hot coffee. The expansive bakery case is filled to the brim with freshly baked treats including impressively flaky croissants, buttery cookies, tender scones, and fluffy muffins. 


​One of this bakery's ultimate offerings is the fabulous fudge bar, and "fabulous" aptly describes the taste of this decadent treat. Composed of a thick layer of fudgy chocolate sandwiched between two layers of cookie dough and all baked together, this treat is soft, gooey, and heavenly. Pecans and oats round out the mixture, giving these bars added crunch. But please don't let those silly oats fool you: This is no health bar. This dessert is pure, sinful joy in all of its buttery, chocolaty, nutty richness. A glass of milk and a fabulous fudge bar is all you'll need to make your day, well, totally fabulous.

Bread & Chocolate
867 Grand Avenue, St. Paul

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