Bravo for Bravo's cream puffs: a sweet discovery

After sampling a few treats, we fell for Bravo! Cafe & Bakery's cream puffs.

These puffs look delicious from any angle.
These puffs look delicious from any angle.
Shauna Younge for City Pages
Bravo's! Grand Avenue shop is small, unassuming, and only has enough room for four tables. While owner Tina Lin sells cakes, wafer straws, and bubble tea, the cream puffs are the most beloved among patrons. Creamy, cool custard, made fresh every morning, is housed inside a golden pastry that features a powdered sugar and chocolate sprinkled cracked crust.

Don't believe us? Swing by the cafe to sample and order a six-pack of cream puffs. At only $1.50 each, you can afford to bring some back for your cube mates.

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