Brasa Rotisserie Gets Its Own B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bar

It appears Brasa Rotisserie is not just content to offer up some of the best, smokiest meats and Caribbean-inspired side dishes around. Now they've teamed up with local chocolatier B.T. McElrath (best known for the otherworldly Salty Dog, as well as other chef-driven approaches to chocolate making, like balsamic-zinfandel truffles).

The move seems like a good fit for the restaurant, which has long touted the use of local, natural, and organic products. Chocolate has enjoyed a recent resurgence in health circles -- high-cocoa chocolate is known to contain powerful antioxidants and offer myriad other health benefits.

Plus, you know, chocolate.

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Brasa's bar is a mix of dark and milk chocolate from Costa Rica, Ghana, Ecuador, and Côte d'Ivoire (B.T. McElrath uses ethical and sustainable sourcing) and for the Brasa twist, contains crispy sweet potatoes.

Now if they could just figure out how to combine dessert and Brasa's addictive green sauce, they'd have a controlled substance on their hands.

Chocolate bars are available at both Brasa Locations, St. Paul and northeast Minneapolis. The folks at Brasa say they'd be happy to toss one in with your takeout order, too.

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