Brainstorm at Butcher & the Boar: A bigger, better drink of the week

Butcher & the Boar's Brainstorm pays homage to bourbon and bold flavor
Butcher & the Boar's Brainstorm pays homage to bourbon and bold flavor
Kelly Moritz

Brainstorm Butcher & the Boar $10

"Quality over quantity" is the name of the game in fine dining, small plates and subtle taste, restraint and dainty plating. But with bold flavors and portion to sizes to match, Butcher & the Boar has us questioning whether you can't have both. With big-ticket items like a double-cut Berkshire pork chop, the bourbon-heavy Brainstorm cocktail sits pretty by your plate, ready to stand its ground against all that meaty goodness with a deceptively potent profile.

To understand the specific allure of the Brainstorm is to capture the essence of bourbon in all its sweet and spicy glory, just whiskey in the way that a handmade wild boar sausage is just a hot dog. Butcher & the Boar hand-selected a batch of bourbon at Buffalo Trace you won't find anywhere else, then paired it with Benedictine liqueur and Noilly Prat dry vermouth to create a cocktail that is by turns refreshing and knock-you-on-your-behind strong.

Served up in a glass with a lip as wide as a soup dish, Brainstorm certainly required some careful thought, but it's the simple, not over-wrought combination of ingredients that makes it a stunner. You could sip each on its own and be happy, even and especially the dry vermouth so often relegated to the role of glass-rinse or omitted altogether in our current bone-dry martini world. A cocktail this size gives you plenty to work with while you wait for your table, full of zip and wonderfully balanced flavor to the last drop. They say bigger isn't always better, but "they" haven't been here yet.

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Butcher & the Boar

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