Bradstreet Craftshouse's Minneapolis Flip: A cozy, classic drink of the week

The Minneapolis Flip is a creamy, boozy winter sipper
The Minneapolis Flip is a creamy, boozy winter sipper
Kelly Moritz

"A meal in a glass," Bradstreet Craftshouse barkeep Jennifer Boutell proclaimed as she grated fresh nutmeg over the top of our Minneapolis Flip. Good thing we had come hungry to sample something wintery and warming: think eggnog, minus the excess of cream, sugar, and painful holiday memories.

January in Minnesota calls for creative hooch, something sexy and cozy, with just enough bulk to maintain your body's winter insulation layer without inducing a liquid food coma. Enter this perennial favorite on the Bradstreet menu, a rye-based cocktail with elements both creamy and spicy, and yes, a whole egg.

Assembled with the level of care a pastry chef might reserve for a fickle macaron recipe, each ingredient was jiggered just so and the whole egg masterfully cracked before our eyes. In went the Jim Beam Rye, Porto Cruz tawny port, some heavy cream and St. Elizabeth allspice dram, shaken until frothy and served over ice. The result was a miniaturized, classed-up milkshake with a beautiful layer of spice-dotted froth wafting up like unbaked gingerbread batter.

Our first sip of this Minneapolis Flip was as luscious and silky on the tongue as anyone in the cult of the raw egg would expect. Unexpected was how the spicy rye came right through the heavy cream with enough boozy kick to warm the throat going down. Don't be put off by the heavy-sounding ingredients. What reads as density and overindulgence on paper becomes a well-proportioned, cheek-warming delight. 

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