Bradstreet Craftshouse to close, move, re-open (again)

See ya, this iteration of Bradstreet Craftshouse

See ya, this iteration of Bradstreet Craftshouse Facebook

Bradstreet Craftshouse is shaking things up again. 

Are we talking about martinis? No, my friend, that would hardly qualify as breaking news. We're talking about Tuesday's announcement that the pioneering Minneapolis craft-cocktail bar will immediately close its Lowry Hill location.

Bradstreet will re-open by mid-2018 at the under-construction InterContinental Hotel adjacent to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, parent company Graves Hospitality says in a press release. The bar-on-the-run bolted after five years inside its original home, the Minneapolis Graves 601 Hotel, when that property was sold in 2014. Graves plans to turn Bradstreet's latest location, which opened in 2015, into a new housing/retail development. 

Here's the very press release-y explanation from Benjamin Graves, president/COO of the Minneapolis-based hospitality firm. 

"With over $300 million of projects under construction and in development, both locally and otherwise, we owe it to ourselves, our investors and our partners to stay laser-focused on our core competencies of Hotel and Residential Development and Management. However, Bradstreet Craftshouse remains near and dear to our hearts. We owe a great debt of gratitude to each and every person on our team and to all the amazingly loyal patrons who have made this labor of love a reality and kept the brand strong enough for yet another future revitalization."

Here's hoping those amazingly loyal patrons enjoy airport hotels. 

Wanna knock back some archival Bradstreet content? Check out our review of Bradstreet 2.0 from 2015. Last year we decreed the cocktail den's chicken and waffles to be the No. 64 best dish in the Twin Cities.

Bradstreet's Lowry Hill space was previously occupied by Rye Deli, which closed in 2014.