Bradstreet Craftshouse: a touch of class for happy hour


Bradstreet Craftshouse

601 First Ave. N., Minneapolis
612.312.1821; website

Hours & details:
Tuesday-Friday 5-7 p.m., 
Tuesday-Thursday 11 p.m.-close

Tuesday-Friday 5-7 p.m.
Tuesday-Thursday 11 p.m.-12 a.m.
Bradstreet Craftshouse is known for its artisan cocktails. We stopped by recently to sample its happy hour. Here's our report:

Venue: Bradstreet Crafthouse, in the Graves 601 Hotel, may be one of the last remaining places inside the bone yard that is now Block E, but it's still a place you can go to get your Minneapolis sheik on. It's dark yet modern aesthetic makes a great place to wind down in style, and the modern-day miracles they're working with their cocktail selection can only be sipped to be believed. 

Service is a high point at Bradstreet Craftshouse. Since its cocktails take a long time to make, we were offered an amuse bouche cocktail--a small cocktail while you wait for your actual cocktail to be prepared--a classy touch.

As with many things in life, size isn't everything. Bradstreet Craftshouse's happy hour (or 601 hour as they call it) might not be big, but it's mighty. It offers three choices of cocktails and three food options all for $6.01 each. It may sound like a skimpy menu, but when you factor in the quality of the food and drink, you get why they keep it to a minimum.

For our cocktail, we ordered the Professor, a drink made with Plymouth gin, lime, and a ginger simple syrup. The drink is lightly sweet, with an afterthought of heat that is both refreshing and relaxing. The two other cocktails on the menu are a Honeysuckle, made with Brugal Añejo, and the Sweet Lucy, made with Prichard's Sweet Lucy Liqueur,  simple syrup, and lemon.

The food was as well put together as the cocktails. For $6.01 a plate, we weren't expecting much, but what we got sold us on a return visit. The chicken and waffles is essentially two fried chicken sliders. The chicken is topped with crispy bacon, and the bun is a succulent waffle that's been split in two. Two of them make a hearty snack.

I also ordered the short rib Philly, which was the clear winner of the two dishes. We'd argue that it's one of the best Philly sandwiches we've had in the Twin Cities. The tender meat is cut with onions and peppers, topped with a dreamy cheese sauce, and served on a soft roll. As with the chicken and waffles, you get two of the sandwiches.

Verdict: Bradstreet Craftshouse is a venue where you can relax in style without being smothered by an overly stuffy environment. The food and the cocktails are both high-class, and even though it seems like a small variety of options, the flavor they pack is more than most full menus.

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Bradstreet Craftshouse - Closed

601 First Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55403


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