Boy eats gross things, we watch

Remy Mumby is a little different than other kids. On his website, foododdities, the fifth-grade boy from Lansing, Michigan, eats all sorts of gross things while sitting in his parents' living room and looking directly into the camera.

Initially a YouTube sensation, Remy built a cult following and started his own website complete with merch. In each episode you can witness many gag-worthy moments as Remy ingests a new foul thing. From Placenta 10000, a drink made with pig placenta that his family had shipped in from Japan, to balut--an egg in which the duck or chicken inside has matured to a recognizable state, to the usual: balls, intestines, Limburger cheese, and breast milk--Remy has had 'em all

I have one question: Is this a sign of the end times? Could be, but in the meantime enjoy the Placenta 10000 episode.

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