Both St. Paul and Minneapolis getting new breweries, plus Insight Brewing goes solar

Utepils beautiful new taproom is coming to the Theodore Wirth area.

Utepils beautiful new taproom is coming to the Theodore Wirth area. Photo Courtesy of Utepils Facebook Page

There are already over a hundred breweries in Minnesota, but if that’s not quite enough, two more are coming soon, one for St. Paul and another for Minneapois.

Plus, the first local brewery is getting into solar power.

Here's some beer news to sip on:

Utepils is apparently a Norwegian word for the “anticipation and longing for the first beer enjoyed in the sunshine after a long, cold dark winter.” What a word. And don’t we know it? In that spirit, Utepils Brewing Co. will include an 11,000 square foot beer garden, and an 18,000-square foot taproom within (because as much as we love beer in the sun, we're nothing if not realists around here). 

The Theodore Wirth Parkway area brewery will open February 18, and the beer will eventually be available in stores and on tap in local bars. They’ll specialize in European-style bright, blonde beers. 

225 Thomas Ave. N., Minneapolis

If you’re gonna have a brewery, you gotta have a clever name to go with it. This new downtown St. Paul brewery by three bespectacled guys, Elliot Grosse, Karl Eicher, and Dalton Buchta, will be called 12welve Eyes Brewing. (Get it? "Four-eyes" times three.)

The brewery, in the Pioneer Endicott Building, will specialize in small-batch brewing, and an adjacent alley will give it room for food trucks, and possibly a patio.

Opens sometime this summer. 

141 E 4th St., St. Paul

Insight Brewing calls it a “dirty secret “ of the craft brewing world: Breweries consume a lot of energy. Rapidly raising and dropping the temperature of water is an energy-intensive process.

Insight says that they will be the first brewery to offset their energy usage, and that they invite other breweries to do the same.

How will they do it? In conjunction with Xcel Energy and the new Carver County Solar Garden, Insight will "subscribe to nearly half the energy output" of the array in that solar garden, thereby "offsetting 120% of the brewery’s energy needs in 2017.”

From their press materials: 

“We at Insight feel an obligation to be stewards of the environment and continually find ways to reduce both water and energy usage as well as finding ways to become a greener company, overall. At a time when it seems our new government will soon be taking a step back in energy and environmental policies, it feels like there is no better time to move forward with this initiative so that we as a community, state, country, and world, don't lose the positive momentum we currently have towards curbing global warming and creating a greener, more sustainable future."