Borough's champagne potato soup: 50 Favorite Dishes, No. 9

Velvety broth, black truffles, and magic in every mouthful
Velvety broth, black truffles, and magic in every mouthful
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Like an unexpected storm of restaurant industry talent, Borough and its downstairs bar Parlour came on the scene quickly and with a head-spinning ferocity. Where was once a raw, empty building suddenly became a new and necessary-to-visit restaurant (not to mention our favorite neighborhood speakeasy stocked with craft cocktails). The kitchen is teaming with creative young cooks led by chefs Tyler Shipton and Nick O'Leary. We liked them immediately, but merely good became great once we tasted their champagne potato soup.

The dish arrived in a huge bowl, with little bits and nubbins collected in the bottom, including a bit of black truffle. Our server then poured the velvety broth into the bowl. The first bite was shockingly tart, a vinegary hit that brought a rush of ready saliva. After that bracing hit, the rich potato flavor broke through, impossibly creamy, which was balanced with a light effervescence from the champagne. Impossibly, we could taste each ingredient in each silky spoonful.

50 Favorite Dishes

No. 50:Somos Peru's crema volteada No. 49:Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub's waffle battered chicken sandwich No. 48: Namaste Cafe's bison mamacha
No. 47: MidNord's Argentinian empanadas
No. 46: Krungthep's Thai sausage
No. 45: Eat Shop's shrimp salad
No. 44: Icehouse's savory eclair
No. 43: Cajun 2 Geaux's beignets
No. 42: A Cupcake Social's dulce de leche cupcake
No. 41: French Hen's Creole biscuits and gravy
No. 40: The Gray House's cabbage and cava salad
No. 39: Foxy Falafel's curry falafel
No. 38: Republic's ricotta fritters
No. 37: Meritage's matzo ball soup
No. 36: Butcher & the Boar's lobster grilled cheese
No. 35: Sushi Fix's tuna poke
No. 34: George & the Dragon's Asian hangover
No. 33: AZ Canteen's Cabrito burger No. 32: Nightingale's scallops with almond gazpacho No. 31: Cafe Racer's pork plate No. 30: World Street Kitchen's soft serve No. 29: The Lynn on Bryant's baba rhum No. 28: Fika's pork belly and poached egg No. 27: The Kenwood's pancakes with black walnut butter No. 26: Blackbird's spicy peanut noodles No. 25: Sonora's shrimp caramelo No. 24: Mona's marrow on toast No. 23: Smack Shack's lobster guacamole No. 22: Neato's Burgers duck fat French fries No. 20: Birdhouse's sweet pea pate No. 19: Mojo Monkey's cake doughnut No. 18: Parka's ham & pickle tots No. 17: Blue Door Longfellow's baked and loaded blucy No. 16: Ipotle's spicy dosa No. 15: Grand Szechuan's Chengdu Dumpling No. 14: Birchwood Cafe's key lime pie No. 13: Dandelion Kitchen's braised beef sandwich No. 12: The Left-Handed Cook's 21-Spice Fried Chicken No. 11: Mike Phillips's Three Sons Meats charcuterie No. 10: Union's Duck with Whole Grains

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Borough & Parlour

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