Boom Island Brewing moves to north Minneapolis

Get the whole Boom Island lineup at their new brewery
Get the whole Boom Island lineup at their new brewery
Courtesy Boom Island Brewing
Boom Island is taking the leap, albeit a short one. 

The brewery has now officially moved out of its former digs at 2207 North 2nd St. and into a new, slightly larger facility at 2014 Washington Ave. N., practically next door to Cliff-n-Norms Bar and within spitting distance of Broadway Pizza. Owners Kevin and Qiuxia Welch are also planning to take advantage of the Surly Bill and open a taproom at the new brewery site. 

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They're moving a short distance, but the space and capacity increase is significant for the brewery. This year Boom Island brewed about 1,000 barrels of beer, and they aim to make close to 3,000 barrels in 2014. This bump in production is due in part to the extra space at the new facility, which boasts about 4,000 square feet total.

Boom Island will still be brewing during this transition time, though no beer will be available onsite to the public. There's also no set date for the grand opening of the brewery, but the Welches are hoping to have their taproom up and running by December or shortly thereafter. 

In the meantime, you can use their beer locator to find out where to buy bottles of Yule, Thoprock Wet, and more. 

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