Bon Appétit comes to Minneapolis, eats 9 Jucy Lucys in 9 hours, has opinions

'Alex Eats It All' came to Minneapolis-St. Paul, and one burger bite made him make this face.

'Alex Eats It All' came to Minneapolis-St. Paul, and one burger bite made him make this face. Youtube

Alex Delany is one brave burger boy.

The Bon Appétit associate editor was in town recently to film a Minneapolis edition of his "Alex Eats it All" series. The goal? Wolf nine Jucy Lucys in just nine hours—a stomach-stretching quest that's both a marathon and a sprint—and figure out which is best. 

He did it, though Twin Cities-based pals including ex-Twins pitcher man Glen Perkins provide some help. And he scarfed all nine oozing, greasy burgs while wearing a white shirt.

Alex hits up, in order, the following Minneapolis and St. Paul spots: Blue Door Pub, Groveland Tap, the Nook, Peppers & Fries, 5-8 Club, Matt's, Hell's Kitchen, the 508 Bar, and, finally, the Crooked Pint Ale House. Each burger gets a nickname; Perkins picks "The Closer" for the Nook's burger—also the name of his Surly collab beer—no doubt an "homage" to his days as a lights-out game-ender.

Delany's impressed by almost every Lucy he tries—no surprise, as it is perhaps our greatest gift to mankind—though some do get demerits. Hell’s Kitchen gets dinged for poor cheese distribution and for trying to do a little too much; the 508 puts bacon on theirs, and he was looking for simple sammies (bun, burger, cheese, maybe some pickles).

Coming in at three is Groveland Tap, thanks to its "perfect sear" and oozing cheese spread. (We could have guessed as much, after the involuntary, guttural bwoooohlpb sound BA's editor makes at 4:37 in the vid before deeming Groveland's version “juicy as all hell.") Matt’s legendary bar burger nabs the number two spot.

But it's the Nook that takes home the blue ribbon, both because he loved their no-frills, hella cheesy, thin-pattied Lucy and because he's enamored with the bar's bowling-and-skee-ball-vibe.

Watch Alex's full Eats-it-All experience below. If nothing else, you'll want to hear the very groovy intro music.

When the GoFundMe to help pay for his triple bypass surgery goes live, we'll share the link for that too.