Bombay Bistro: Indian lunch feast


If Thanksgiving dinner has rekindled your love of piling your plate high with food, you may want to consider another type of feast -- the lunch buffet at Bombay Bistro. The spread is a vegetarian's dream.

You can make your way from a variety of spicy vegetable pickles (like strips of carrot with pickled unripe mangoes, or slices of raw yellow onion with green chilies), to different rices (white or saffron), and vegetarian curries (eggplant curry, or yellow lentils with whole dried red chilis) to desserts of fresh fruit or syrupy sweet gulab jamun (deep-fried wheat and milk balls). And then you can go back for more! On a recent visit, one highlight of the spread was the masala dosa, a thin large Indian crepe that you fill with a mixture of cooked onion and potatoes seasoned with poppy seeds, curry leaves, and other spices. Another flavorful pick was the palak paneer, a classic cooked spinach dish studded with cubes of paneer (Indian cheese).

Apart from some of the options at the lunch buffet, I've not been a huge fan of Bombay Bistro. I've been there a few times for dinner and was always disappointed by the quality of the food. The meat dishes at the buffet reminded me why. The cubes of chicken in the chicken curries were tough. The tandoori chicken (chicken cooked in tandoor oven, marinated in yogurt and dyed red) was way too dry instead of being moist and juicy.

That said, the restaurant does have enough solid choices to ensure everyone finds something they really like. The buffet is $11, and is served Monday-Fri, 11am -2pm. There's also a lunch buffet 12-3 on Saturday, which is larger and includes Indian snacks in addition to entrees.