Boiler Room Coffee reopens in Stevens Square

After shuttering its doors abruptly last fall, Boiler Room Coffee is once again open on Third Avenue just south of downtown Minneapolis. This is good news for residents of Stevens Square, where nearby coffee shops are limited.

Michael Graca--a longtime barista, first-time shop owner--leased out the garden-level space and reopened Boiler Room earlier this month, now serving gourmet coffee roasted in Cannon Falls.

"If you want the truth, you'd have to come in and try it for yourself," says Graca. "But it's excellent coffee."

Graca says he came to own the business after noticing the sign on Boiler Room's front door explaining the shop had closed. He was going to school to be a teacher at the time, and beginning to doubt he was on the right career path.

Graca had been working at coffee shops for the past 10 years, so this seemed like a good enough fit for a new business venture.

"I thought, 'I've done everything but own'," says Graca. "'I hate teaching'."

Graca opened the business February 9. In addition to the new coffee, the shop is also serving Morning Glory Chai shipped from Seattle.

"It's unique, it's good, it tastes natural," says Graca. "It's the only place you can get it in the Midwest."

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